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Create freely by living simply and in harmony with nature. A weekly podcast for creators, makers, and artists.

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    10 Seven Kinds Of People You Need

    There's at least seven kinds of people you need in your creative life if you want to flourish and grow.

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    9: Annual Theme 2019

    Annual themes are a powerful tool for keeping your focus throughout the year. Here's my theme for 2019.

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    8: Christmas 2018

    The best thing about Christmas is it happens every year!

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    7: A Post Digital Age

    What if our current discontent with the internet and social media is actually a blessing in disguise?

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    6: The Sandwich

    A lunchtime visit to a local cafe turns from pining after a sold out sandwich to a meditation on relearning how to pay attention.

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    4: Sleep

    Creative types often have an image of working late nights and sleeping at odd hours. But, could better sleep habits make us more creative?

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    3: Go Outside

    With so many people spending all or most of their day indoors it's time to ask why and to consider what the consequences might be of our increasingly indoor, screen-based lifestyle.

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    2: The Cabin In The Woods

    Many of us dream of getting away from the rat race and moving to a Cabin In The Woods.

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    1: Simple

    2018 has been the Year of Simple for Fernando Gros. So. how has that panned out?

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